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The things we bring with us

Té Café may have been saved by one of its occasional patrons who's wealthy enough to take it on and doesn't want to see it go. Both the actuality of this and the idea of it makes me happy.

Umm, this might be mildly disgusting in a body-ish way (not sexual though):The weather is nice enough to exercise, and yesterday I went on my first jog of the year. This loosened a good amount of gook in my lungs, which I've been coughing up. Yeah, kinda gross, but it makes breathing more pleasant in a way I hadn't noticed was unpleasant before. I wonder if accumulation of gook in the lungs is a normal consequence of either winter or a long period of not much exercise (failed to do any snowboarding this year again). In either case, it's a bit like airing out the house/apartment.

Alas, I have become terribly less fit over the winter, and the path I used to consider my "Lazy Loop" isn't something I managed yesterday without dropping down to walking. Maybe I'll have more luck today - am about to give it another go.

And a bit more traditional BS.It was really too much to expect that I could keep my ok mood long after the conference - too much encountering my own neurotic "OMG let's hang out with that awesome person/No no they hate you leave them alone you selfish bastard/let's examine their body language in every little detail to judge because you know you're only decent at judging interaction if you're not involved/oh god I can't bear to watch are you really going to talk to them" impulses around people brings me well back to here. Attempts to open the horror of horrors in my head and ask people out on OkC probably arn't helping.. although maybe they could help if I could manage not to scare somebody off. Maybe it's silly to try given my hope to move this summer while trying to do the equivalent of balancing on an emotional tightrope. It'd be nice to get this emotional craziness unlatched from my ankle.

There have been a lot of interesting articles in the Middle East Journal recently. The question of what to do with traditional (tribal) subsocieties seems to be present throughout big parts of the world, and the "let them do their own thing" tactic is working increasingly less well as a solution. Tempting to connect it to the "city folk" versus "town folk" divide in the US, except much more extreme. When there are big parts of a country where there is no rule of law, no social services, and only local government, what does it mean to consider those regions part of a government? Being someone who believes in civilisation, I am interested in figuring way to create/increase that societal buy-in, bring universal (secular) education to those regions, and create infrastructure as well as social changes. The question of "how" is daunting. I wonder what it'd look like for an advanced society to backslide into that ("local rights" movements to a much higher level?)

Finished what I consider to be a "first chapter" in the New England story. Despite not making much progress in making my people look like the people they're modeled after, I'm reasonably pleased at progress on making them emotionally expressive. I sometimes cheat a bit by moving outside the bounds of what's within the bounds of sketchery, but I'm not at all ashamed about that.

Anyhow, off to jog, then likely tea somewhere unless by any odd chance I get invited to hang out or do something (hint hint... oh how I torture myself with hope)


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