Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Discarding Angels

Last night: Got a surprise invite to the closing party for Té Café. It was pretty nice. I'm ordinarily terrible at parties, but Té Café's crowd was the social group that, in retrospect, I've been orbiting distantly around for a fairly long time. Decent conversations (although not a lot of substance), good food and wine, and a bit of ridiculous dancing. I managed to drink a bit of red wine (asked for it by mistake) without any migraine(!) - maybe not all red wines have sulfides?

As counterpart to that message from wikipedia a few days ago, I got a dark twin message when I woke up this morning, another robomail from "Wikipedia Freedom Fighters" who want me to donate my account to their portfolio. Thinking about it now, do they merit the term "Freedom Fighters"? .. maybe. They did stand for absolute personal autonomy, but societies cannot function with that level of autonomy - without cultural shaping and some way to handle trolls, vandals, and people who drag things off-track, online communities don't hold together. In real life, anarchism is a bit more sane - I've seen their communes in action, and if someone misbehaves, they hold interventions, they'll get in someone's face, and they'll get people together to discuss, condemn, and pressure people to change (even over things like theft of personal property). I have to believe that eventually either this would get through to someone who misbehaves (thanks to our generally having the same brain hardware that exposes us to appropriate manipulation regardless of our personality), or they'd give them the boot. We seem to lack the tools for this online, and it's questionable whether the brain hardware would help with that (some anarchoprimitivists consider society of modern scale to be unsustainable because our emotional ties to each other and community instincts don't scale up that far - I consider that a challenge, not a damnation, although that's a wager I've occasionally been nervous about).

Communicative styles:In email: terse versus detailed

I tend towards detailed because I figure it can't really hurt to provide all relevant details, history, reasoning, etc for anything, because it means further questions/delays are unlikely and misunderstandings are less likely. Problem is, I am in the habit of reading (and sometimes skimming) large volumes of text continually. If someone only wants a 3-sentence answer, they'll probably get five to ten paragraphs from me.

Likewise, I tend to verbosely communicate in person (when I communicate at all in person).

I've overheard all sorts of interesting mutual grumbling between people who prefer to be terse and people who prefer to be verbose. It'd be interesting if people had some kind of distinctive mark indicating which communicative style they prefer so if they want to ask for a different response style from whomever they're chatting with, they could indicate that. I wonder if terse and verbose people tend to cluster in circles of friends.

I wish more of the time it's raining in Pgh it were actually storming. Without lightning and thunder, rain is pretty meh.


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