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Bus Red Ducks

Next Sunday, the first in a series of changes to Pittsburgh's bus schedules/service lands. Details for those who live vaguely in the same part of the city and/or go to some of the same places that I do:

  • 28X - No longer goes to Robinson Town Center (a new route, the G2, will let us go from Oakland to IKEA and other places there). This is good - faster airport service is handy. The 28X also sometimes hit traffic in that area, while the rest of its route takes about the same amount of time regardless of traffic.
  • 59U - Cancelled. The 61D will be used to go to the Waterfront, while a new route, the 75, will go between Oakland and the Southside. I'm not thrilled about losing a direct route between SqHill and the Southside.
  • There is now an evil "61" route (no letter) that doesn't go anywhere near Oakland or SqHill. Don't get on it, for goodness sakes! (I imagine they thought this was ok because in a few months the 61 busses will all be getting new names, but that's still a few months of potential confusion)
  • 61A and 61B - more frequent, no other changes until next stage
  • 61C - schedules changed, some not-useful stops removed, no other changes until next stage
  • 61D - Revised to go to Waterfront, now 7 days a week, new schedule. No other changes until next stage
  • 61F - Cancelled. The only places it went that were distinct were places I never went.
  • 64A - Changed route, schedule. Still goes near Whole Foods, but people will have to walk a few blocks for it now.
  • 69A - Cancelled.


64A is also renamed 64.
Also, the 64 now goes to awesome places like Lawrenceville :D