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Last night, my router/AP bridge decided that its wired component was optional and started to seriously malfunction on that front (its wireless bit works fine, but the wired gets activity on ports where nothing is plugged in, I get IP address reuse messages on any system I plug into it, etc etc. I need to make a trip to Compusa (unless the CMU computer store has a fairly cheap replacement). Sigh.

Probably unrelated, about an hour later, I started to smell a burning plastic scent. After wandering around my apartment looking for it, I stepped downstairs and saw that the furnace downstairs was *really* going, and it was making a bit of smoke. I thought nothing of it and went back to my apartment. About an hour later, the neighbours got home (they're nice guys who remember my name - I'm a bit embarassed that I don't remember theirs), and I stepped down to join them in the basement, where the smoke had gotten much worse and the furnace looked almost like it was on fire (except the fire was where it's supposed to be). I went to bed, although as the smell and smoke kept getting more exciting, they called the fire department (I was really tired, for some reason), who came, noticed that some parts of the furnace had melted and caused(!) it to malfunction, and unhooked gas from everything down there. They also detected small amounts of carbon monoxide and noticed that virtually everything down there, from the plumbing to the boiler, was badly malfunctioning (I kind of thought this). I stumbled out of bed for awhile to hear some of this. They suggested we all open a window for awhile and use electric heat until things are fixed. At some point later in the evening, more city people showed up (this saga started around 23:00 and probably ended around 04:00), although I was half-asleep for that and probably didn't greet them.

So only a few weeks after the landlord repaired the heater, it's broken again along with the boiler, and I also got negligible sleep last night. *grumpy*


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