Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

John Cleese on Politics, expanded

I recently posted (I think?) a link to John Cleese being funny and insightful on politics. It turns out that that was a slightly reworked small subset of a much longer bit. The thing about politics is that it's an emergent part of human nature - watch this thing (bear through the beginning, which isn't quite so universal and because it's about British politics it might not mean a lot to you).

His rules of British politics and characterisations of debates, despite all the players being different across the pond here, should feel familiar.

  1. No other party's ideas are any good
  2. Parties represent special interest groups
Note that it is humour on behalf of a political party/alliance that became the Liberal Democrats, a smallish centre-left party in the UK. Unlike our rather sickly democracy in the US, small parties are typically not useless over there, so they have some seats in the parliaments.

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