Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Hunting Lodges for Rich Weirdos

I think when I want to use the restroom that deep down it would be most satisfying if I had a button I could press on my office wall that would shunt me off deep into the woods, hundreds of miles from the nearest human, where a lone, wall-less toilet with fantastic toilet paper sitting on the tank would await me, a toilet that has never been used by another human and yet were somehow kept clean. Basically all types of restroom activities, I think, would be best with this type of deep solitude (except if one runs out of toilet paper OH NOOO).

Maybe I'd have another button for a different place for the non-toilet-necessary bathroom activities which'd just whisk me to deep forest.

It'd be amusing to imagine a shadowy organisation with the responsibility of cleaning such toilets - helicopter, drop-line, cleaning supplies, all done by very confused men in black suits.

I wonder how common these types of fantasies are. As is, I am very dissatisfied with the GHC restrooms (one per floor, far more people per restroom than in Wean, no neglected restrooms that in-the-know people can use).

It's probably really wasteful, but one of the things I remember about my father's office in Ernst and Whinney is that he had a full restroom there.


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