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Nashville Equlibrium

Today at 16:45 I am running the Random Distance Run, which five years ago I managed to score second-worst of the people who finished. I imagine that Tom7, the only person I beat (whom I've come to vaguely know recently), will be running again - rematch time! Muhaha.

I am adequately nourished, have made sure I've been drinking sufficient water all day, and all primed to give it my best (which in all likelihood isn't very good, but then I *have* been jogging a bit more recently).

(I managed to be a bit more respectable-ish in CMU's other race - the Pretty Good Race, also about 5 years ago..)

Umm... I'm not actually going to watch this (because I *really* was not expecting to need to give a filmed presentation at the conference and oh goodness I hope the edited out the bit in the middle where I lost my train of thought *facepalm*), but if you want to find out about one of the smaller things I've been working on at work, see here. It's part of this general page for the conference. I am terribly embarassed to be the first link. Eep.

Hoping for a decent race today and to (in order of importance):

  1. Finish without my heart condition saying hello
  2. Finish the race
  3. Beat Tom7
  4. Manage to score somewhere better than the bottom 10% of runners who finish the race


Visiting that page, I kind of want to dress up as Blinky and find him on those streets.

I dunno, didn't really feel I did a good job, but I managed not to stop.

Hopefully you had a pleasant run.
So, how did you do? How far was the race? Was it fun?
It was ok. I didn't do particularly well - the dice assigned the race length to 2 miles (8 laps). The best that can be said is that I didn't stop running - I ran the first 1½ laps at a good pace, but then had to drop down to the pace where my energy output is equal to what my body provides (I could run at that pace for a very long time if my cardio system obliges, but it's not a pace I'm at all proud of). 1 lap before the end I stepped up the pace slightly to track another runner that I wanted to beat, and at the ½ lap marker I dug into the last reserves of my energy to run at a decent clip for the end (pulling far ahead of that guy).

If my body were willing to make energy at a higher rate I'd maybe manage to finish these things in a respectable time.

Oh, I was also the only person doing it barefoot, but that worked pretty well.

Fun? I dunno, it was something to do. It's not pretty like the park, but it was a way to kinda-sorta be around people one last time in the week before another weekend, and I was academically curious how it'd turn out.