Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sacrifice for Mimir

Poor sleep leads to strange dreams... Beavers as creatures with inbuilt platonic ideals of a dam. With genetic aesthetics, is there some ultimate dam that they would build if they had the means? Some yearning to build smaller temples to imitate some grand entity whose historical existance is unimportant? - this idea, metaphor-seek-and-apply-to humanity

Perhaps this is not enough of a return for a poor night of sleep.

Gordon Brown, in prep for the upcoming parliamentary elections, managed to shove his foot deeply into his mouth. Some of this is systemic of the general European difficulty with having a reasonable discussion on the effects of immigration. At least in europe, such things are generally over matters of substance and character rather than empty fluff (e.g. Dean Scream).

I am pleasantly surprised to discover that cough drops are wonderfully effective. rheet!


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