Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

New Wacom

The new Wacom tablet is huge. Until I figure out better, my Linux laptop is banished from the seat of honour. My current desk (two filing cabinets with an uncut door on top) might be showing its limitations...

First doodle:

(clickable for larger version, idea courtesy of chrisamaphone, but filtered through my craziness)

General impressions of the tablet:

  • Display quality is very good. Maybe it's a bit overly bright
  • Tilty stand is pretty awesome
  • The pen is much much nicer. The stand for the pen has a clever design where it nicely holds all the nibs, and it consequently has the weight where I won't likely lose it like I often did the last one
  • No more dangly "control box". Yay. That thing was majorly inconvenient.
At some point I'll try the thing on Linux - problem is my laptop lacks the RAM to easily drive an external high-res display at the same time as its LCD, while my gaming Windows desktop is perfectly happy.
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