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One more..

Another doodle, this time trying to use a greater variety of tools.

Some things are a bit awkward in GIMP. There's no direct way to bucket-fill-with-gradient - instead one has to fill a blank layer with a gradient, then use the existing layer tools to get your gradient where you want it. Awkward! If anyone knows a better way, let me know.

I keep thinking that it'd be awesome to have good Povray integration with GIMP (either ditching some important parts of one or the other, or having some kind of mixed object model). It's not terribly hard to import a given image as a texture and use it that way, but there's so much more possible.


Photoshop since CS3(?) has had some rudimentary to sorta awesome 3D support depending on which version you hit up.
Maybe true - I've never been able to like Photoshop's interface much though - I much prefer GIMP's.
I find them pretty equally awful. Photoshop is the tool I am used to, and sadly will probably never be able to switch.