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So yeah, I was up very late last night. Of course, unless one really has a way to make something good long-lasting, one has to deal with seeing it end or lessen. Oyschlisn - I was reluctant to be blunt about some of the details of that story, but it's relevant here.

Events concur on the phone front - cell phone minutes were set to expire tomorrow (I'm not a heavy phone user, so when I bought a chunk of minutes a year ago I haven't gone through them), and my NexusOneDev phone arrived today. Spend an unpleasant 2 hours on the phone with T-Mobile to

  • See if I could keep using prepaid for voice but also have a nice monthly data plan for the phone. No, apparently this is not possible.
  • Switch my account from prepaid to a monthly data rate (no minutes included, I get to pay for them at 45¢/min. Yay. But this is still the best plan for me given what's out there. This involved talking to about 8 people, roughly half of them barely able to speak English understandably, a credit check, and much confusion over whether my phone number would move with me, if I would need a new SIM card, and other nonsense. The web interface didn't let me do this kind of thing, nor did it provide any indication as to if it was possible, being quite prone to saying "I can't recognise your plan" (maybe prepaid plans live in some magical netherworld nobody told the web developers about)
  • Realising I had to put a bit more time on my existing plan until the new one kicks in. Unfortunately, my account was in flux and the web interface refused to let me do this, so I had to call back and listen to first machines and then a real person telling me $25 is much more economical than $10 as a recharge amount.
Oh well. Cell phone companies - the dinosaurs we need until data is the only backbone. There was a time number portability seemed futiristic. In the future, we'll look back on the idea of having crazy strings of numbers as a phone identifier as being obsolete as ICQ's use of the same was. In 6-8 days the data will be go, and the phone finally has finished charging. When I get time I'll have to start writing some simple apps for it to get my feet wet. Hopefully the radically different interface won't take too long to get used to. Hopefully the API is decent.

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