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Retrograded on a Curve

First impressions of the NexusOne and Android:

  • Device has the power to push some serious pixels. Impressive. Maybe it's that I started computing so long ago and have a lot of memories of devices this small ranging from "appliance that can barely run a text editor" to "toy" - the NexusOne feels like it has some computational and graphics muscle. I still disabled some graphics frills, but I had no real need to
  • Interface is not obvious in several places. When the phone locked its interface to prevent unwanted key input, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to unlock it (my last phone required one to manually do this, and the one before had a lid which made this unnecessary).
  • Occasionally the interface is a bit nonresponsive and it takes a few buttonpresses for the bottom buttons to do what I want
  • Keyboard is usable except for buttons near the edge of the screen which usually don't register.
  • I no longer feel the urge to have a portable music device. The NexusOne has a reasonably large SD card (4G, possibly replacable with something bigger)
    • Unfortunately, because the NexusOne uses FAT, I can't move a portion of my music collection where the filenames are in Unicode onto the device.
      • Fortunately, I've dealt with this before, and made an elaborate Perl script that transliterates Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Devanagari, and a few other alphabets down into English and optionally retags all the copied files as needed down into ASCII7. I shall have to dust it off, unless ... unless I can format the SD card with ext2 and Android has the needed filesystem modules to mount that. Experiments are in order, eventually.
    • Jogging will be a lot more musical
    • I am used to playing my music at 120% (I have wrapper scripts to do so on my linux laptops). It sounds weird hearing them at normal speed now.
    • Oh yay OGG support!
  • I have not yet found the terminal application. There is one, right? ... Guys?
  • I have not yet found how to remove the Facebook application - the GUI won't let me do it, but I know I don't want to use it and don't want it cluttering the application list. Likewise with a few other apps
  • I don't like the human finger oil tendency to leave smears on the screen. My hands are pretty much always clean, but I've had to wipe the device a good number of times.
  • Yes yes yes finally an alarm clock app that understands that weekends can differ from weekdays.
  • The syncing with other google services is very nice. I was not looking forward to typing in my entire phonebook again, but it happily sync'd with my google addressbook, so I just logged into mail and cut'n'pasted it in from the master textfile on my computer, and seconds later it was all on the phone. Yeah!
  • On that topic, I was able to text on my old phone without looking at the screen. There is absolutely no way that's going to happen on this guy. Oh well.
  • Looking forward to Firefox Fennec becoming stable on Android - it's not quite ready yet and I'm not keen to run alpha software on my phone.
  • It's not so cool not being able to easily see what's running right now on the phone - brings back the clumsy days of MacOS where clueless people were running 30 apps with all their application windows closed. There's got to be some good metaphor that'd make managing this easier - that used on PCs is probably wrong, but ...
  • Oh gah some apps display adverts on my phone. No thanks - fuck you and DIAF to everyone who does that.
  • The trackpoint seems partly spurious but useful. Odd choice to have one.

Given that my old phone's swollen battery has grown a tendency to get oddly hot at random times and getting the case to close around it neatly was a lost cause, it's probably good that I didn't delay any longer on replacing it.


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