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Carpal Tunnelling

I'm sure a few of you have had to deal with this kind of thing -- for the last 10-15 years, I've occasionally had strange pains in one of my arms, and I'm wondering if it might be CPS. Description as follows:

  1. It's almost always on my right arm. In theory, I'm left-handed, but I use both of my hands nearly equally.
  2. There are two areas on the arm it tends to show up. The first is on the forearm about equidistant between the elbow and wrist. The second is on the upper arm just a bit past the elbow
  3. The pain seems to be in an area that I normally don't get much sensation, giving me the impression that it's the bone itself that hurts or some other undefined location in that vicinity. The pain is more of a "pinch" or "bruise"y pain than anything else.
  4. If I squeeze random bits in there with my other hand, I can find a spot that's incredibly tender and intensifies the pain quite a bit. Increased pain sticks around for about ten minutes, then drops down to prior levels.
  5. I only get the pain once every few months, typically for a few hours

Sound familiar? Sound like Carpal Tunnel? If it *is* carpal tunnel, what protocols can I layer on top of it (ha ha)?

Also, a little joke: How can you make a Texan walk quickly? Send him north for the winter. Probably similarly unfunny, but in my case true.

I'm now regretting that I didn't accept a Neuros OSD developer board when it was offered to me - I didn't want it because I don't have a use for something that can record television signals, but now it's starting to look like they're going to use roughly the same architecture for the Neuros3 and other pieces of hardware that I do want. On the efforts to get X11 and other interesting pieces of infrastructure built on it, right now I can't be very helpful. I should probably get back in touch with them to get the hardware - I really want to port SDL so the N3/442v2 will be usable as a gaming platform (beyond the intended goal of being a portable music/video player). Maybe the iPod is reasonably cool, and will always have more marketshare, but the next Neuros projects run linux and are far more open - they'll be far cooler in my book, and I'm glad I'm involved.

Sometimes plumbers are pretty cool people. I've been talking a bit with the guy who's been here for most of two days fixing all the pipes, the furnace, and the rest of the frozen hell in my basement, and he seems to be a really happy, technically inclined-but-not-letting-that-dominate-his-personality person. This has also been true of pretty much every fireman I've known (although some of them are actually fairly geeky in their field). Some bus drivers I've interacted with have been pretty happy too. I wonder if it's that it's clear with those positions exactly how they're helping society -- maybe with jobs where that's not so clear, it's easier to become jaded. It would be very interesting if there were political consequences to that jadedness -- if it led to people ceasing to identify with society and moving more towards individualism if they or their parents work in a job that's not on-the-face-of-it obviously useful.

This negation acts as a clue to something I see as very important -- I want people to identify with society, to not feel alienated from the state, and to view society's problems as being partly their responsibility. I want people to have a stake in society and the state, and to (cautiously) identify with it, even when it acts with more wisdom than they sometimes do individually. To make that possible, I would like to see both society and the state restructured.


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