Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Twinkle in one's step

Return to topic: Music for games. Need for music that loops but ideally takes a long time to do so. Interest: heuristic that would do this intelligently, maybe improvise a bit on loops, maybe reduce innovation per round in order to preserve interestingness of song over potentially very long plays. Easy: analyse rounds. Harder: recognise the cues we use to determine when a song is about to end. Interesting that we normally can do that - musical arc like a plot arc? Or just well-established cues? I suppose some songs probably do end suddenly, but we don't tend to like them. Does that limit us towards whatever possibly cliche'd elements there are that form this? Maybe.

What got me thinking along these lines is the increasing prevalence of highly sophisticated machine-performed (or aided? Not sure) transformations of songs I've been starting to hear on youtube. Here's a version of this song where the gender of the main voice is switched, there's a video with beat-shifting making this song sound swing. We've seen demos of this recently, and in many cases it actually sounds *good*. Some months ago there was an article about algorithmic generation of unique music - perhaps this is a kind of musical transhumanism.

I am about to drive back to BrecksvilleOhio for the first time in awhile (oy, such a logically goofy but prevalent way to say this). Interesting that my family will see me in such an unusual mood. BBIAB, PGH.


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