Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
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Para metric society

In jogging/running, I go barefoot and apart from some very light clothing am carrying nothing but my NexusOne (still don't consider it exactly a phone, but I digress). I've been experimenting with different parameters of how I hold my body when doing so - seems to be difficult to figure out what settings are best.


  • Leaning forward versus back
  • How high up the feet come off the ground
  • How much knee bendage
  • How high up my heel should be (ranges from "it taps the ground once per step" to "it never touches")
  • How much spring should go in my feet
  • Vvarious hand position things
Most of these have a tiredness cost, and I can easily feel that. I'm not sure what their other costs and benefits are though, and it's not so easy to notice when I'm actually moving - I think the differences are probably small per pace and they just add up. I'm sure runners who go to a sports doctor/trainer have really good advice on form - I've seen videos of people critiquing slowed-down runners (on TV, years ago). Curious: what's the best way for someone looking to parameterise their form appropriately if they're not looking to spend a lot of money? Hire a trainer for a session? Are there books? I'm probably never going to be a super serious runner, but it's something I've done at some rate for my whole life (used to do races in high school), and I might get serious enough to occasionally do shortish races for fun (serious for fun!). I'm feeling more encouraged than usual on this because two nights ago I had a nice 40 minute jog involving hills, I wasn't feeling crazy tired when I finished, and I haven't felt sore or tired from that in the days after.

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