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Political/moral philosophy:

  • Avoid legal-esque n-point declarations or tests unless one is trying to provide a fully-specified framework that describes "a thing" rather than a range of what is acceptable. Chances are, the range idea might have refinements or variants that are also compliant with whatever intuitions are being satisfied, perhaps better-satisfied. In reading philosophy, we should thus be irked when we see declarations of "is" with lists. Preferred: "List of important principles" and things of that style. (issue: people prefer to read philosophy that is overbold)
A thing:Yet another chew on the topic - under what minimal circumstances should socialists accept an existing order and either use its internal mechanisms in joint with others for steering or cease thought of potential insurrection?

  1. State ownership of means of production
  2. No distinct classes, privileges and rewards for labour and other achievements are public and democratic, and control of society split between institutions that are democratic, ideologically committed to socialism, or communal in appropriate ways
  3. Privilege/property, particularly but not only in excessive amounts or quality, is considered provisional rather than principled, whereby society's strongest guarantees do not oppose the idea of redistribution or withdrawl of these things in order to serve social needs (traditions may make this unusual though)
  4. Society and government are reasonably secular, liberal, and friendly to academia
  5. Fidelity to Scientific and Historical truth

This is not a complete list; it focuses on things beyond or different from what one would expect from a democratic capitalist system.

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I think it'd be neat to have more architecture in the world that's interestingly twisted (think Beetlejuice). I wonder if my tastes are highly unusual in this respect, or if having asymmetries and a freaky look is impractical, dangerous, or against zoning codes for some reason.

Been moving through my apartment like a hurricane throwing things away, sorting, mopping, brooming, etc. Now that I have the energy to do so, I have to say it feels nice, and being significantly less mobile lessens the tendency to go out and play in the park. There's something very appealing about having a less-full apartment (even if it's partly artificial as I probably won't reassemble my bookshelves until I'm living some other place). Convincing myself to part with books or other things I no longer need and actually throwing them away feels nice (albeit weird).

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