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  • Avoid legal-esque n-point declarations or tests unless one is trying to provide a fully-specified framework that describes "a thing" rather than a range of what is acceptable. Chances are, the range idea might have refinements or variants that are also compliant with whatever intuitions are being satisfied, perhaps better-satisfied. In reading philosophy, we should thus be irked when we see declarations of "is" with lists. Preferred: "List of important principles" and things of that style. (issue: people prefer to read philosophy that is overbold)
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I think it'd be neat to have more architecture in the world that's interestingly twisted (think Beetlejuice). I wonder if my tastes are highly unusual in this respect, or if having asymmetries and a freaky look is impractical, dangerous, or against zoning codes for some reason.

Been moving through my apartment like a hurricane throwing things away, sorting, mopping, brooming, etc. Now that I have the energy to do so, I have to say it feels nice, and being significantly less mobile lessens the tendency to go out and play in the park. There's something very appealing about having a less-full apartment (even if it's partly artificial as I probably won't reassemble my bookshelves until I'm living some other place). Convincing myself to part with books or other things I no longer need and actually throwing them away feels nice (albeit weird).

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