Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Like an open sieve

Boring babbling on cleaning

Just spent at least 3 hours cleaning - vast majority of that is throwing stuff out. I think it would've been great if I had had someone around for the past many years to say "yes, it is ok, in fact a good idea, to throw that out. You will not ever use it", or perhaps "just because you are a great wyrm geek does not mean you need to keep stuff around in case anyone ever needs one of those rare cables - they will not think (much) less of you for shrugging your shoulders".

Was nice to disassemble old PCs to remove their HDs so I could toss the rest of them out (bought a USB to internalIDE converter a year or so ago). Was nice to throw out about a third of my music CDs (does this make the things I have ripped suddenly illegal since I no longer can prove I bought it? hmm).

It felt pretty nice to clean this aggressively - there is still some portion of things I have that will be tossed rather than packed the next time I move, but it is now relatively small.

There is still a lot of cleaning to do, and I may reassemble my bookshelves (turns out the boxes holding the books are too flimsy anyhow) after I get the carpet clean. Still feels great to finally do this (and find things that have been lost for a long time - still can't find my Kippah though).

Tomorrow I suspect I'll get more garbage bags and keep this up until I'm sick of it, then bake myself a pie (which will probably be hilariously off because I haven't made pies for a long time).

Things have been pretty good recently. I still sometimes struggle with some biological depression stuff (I guess this will be with me for the rest of my life? Runs in the family I think), but the nonbiological depression seems to be gone. Life is complex, and it's not the easiest thing in the world to pull my life back together, but right now it's feeling very doable and like it's happening. I think maybe some longstanding self-discomfort might be starting to fall away too.

Early next month, MC Frontalot's tour comes to Pittsburgh. I'm kind of tempted to go, although ... unfortunately while I like his music, I find him to be a horrible eyesore. It'd probably be weird to attend with my eyes closed?

Still been thinking a lot about hiking ... and pies.

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