Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Odin's Birds

Spent a reasonable amount of time tonight with an infrequent hobby - "visiting" other cities via GStreetView. There's something voyeuristic about doing it to non-American cities. Also, I'm trying to understand how I parse if a city is a nice place - condition of the roads and buildings seems to make a big difference, but if both are good things kind of blend together. Mexico is pretty good about StreetView - I didn't find much in South America or Africa that had any of that at all. I was not surprised to be reminded that I like Paris immensely as a city (and there are some other very likable French cities), but Edinburgh is so far the prettiest city I've seen through the service. Attn readers: are there any other cities you particularly like that have streetview coverage?

PostgreSQL 9.0 is out. Given the improvements in the area, I should probably finally learn how to configure replication. Also, the monitoring and EXPLAIN improvements sound useful, and there are some other nice goodies.

I wonder if there's any standard means for doing something nice for trashmen when one puts out a particularly large-or-heavy load for them.


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