Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


My favourite part of my bike to work every day is near the end, where for the final approach to the bike lock area at CMU I hop entirely onto one of the pedals and ride the rest of the way in. Universally my least favourite part of biking anywhere is tying/untying my bike from things. It's weird having those two in such close proximity in the morning.

What's so interesting about standing "sidesaddle" on a bike? Maybe it's that it's like snowboarding in that my body is turned sideways and it's much easier to turn in one direction than another, maybe it's just the novelty. It's probably not that I need to pay attention when dismounting while still moving at high speeds or I'll kick someone in the head (almost did that a few times, years ago).

For those of you who like reading subtly terrible technical articles, this Ars Technica article about IPv6 transitioning has many small things that together make me very grumbly. I was originally just going to grumble that the author used the OSI terminology for network stacks (argh why do people do that), but...

I have an excess of reading materials - good times! If only it were not getting fairly cold outside.


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