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Pat Gunn


I've been putting more time into digging through the music some friends recommended to me, and came across a pop-violin-quartet group called Bond. It's good stuff - as much as I like traditional orchestral music, it only appeals to one of my moods, and it's good to see broad usage of the instruments outside of that tradition. I wonder when the string bass, for example, began to be used for non-orchestral purposes (think Jazz), or if there's a long history of genre crossing that, being not particularly knowledgable about music history, I'm ignorant of.

My Neuros OSD arrived today. I'm excited about it -- while the main intended usage of the device isn't necessarily super interesting to me, I'm particularly interested in helping with some kernel hacking, systems work, and helping to make the X11 port mature. As it's likely to be very similar to later neuros products (including hopefully the next version of the portable music/movie player, the 442v2/N3), anything I learn and can help with on this will probably be useful for that later work. Impressions on opening up the box: It's very small and light (according to the box, about half a pound). On plugging it in: The UI needs some work. I brought up a root prompt and it took pressing most buttons on the remote to determine that the "home" button would bring me back. The bootup sequence also is less than pretty and takes a bit of time w/o any progress bar or "please wait". It is seriously in need of a built-in webbrowser. I'll need to hunt down a spare CF card to go further. Some time back I bought a microdrive for my camera, before discovering that microdrives slurp too much power to be good for those uses. This is exciting!


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