Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Home of the Big Bag Wolf

Noticing I have over 400 things in my home directory... and babbling about it!

Problem: home directory is getting kind of big. Some of this is because I'm a bit data-messy (my personal email inbox has thousands of messages in it, despite my having a rather nice category system which I use), and some of it is that I am disinclined to put things in their proper place when that proper place currently only exists on an external HD. For example, if I download a neat video from Youtube, I might think, "aha, this is a music video, it belongs in /media/video/music_videos/", and a sciency PDF might belong in /media/docs/science/, but while my TV-PC has those directories all the time, it has a bigger disk - my laptop's copy of those isn't always there and requires me to lug out the external. So I haven't bothered so much.

As always, once I get things sorted, I eventually will need to mirror those changes and documents to the TV-PC (and for extra credit, the large purely-backup disk). Bleh. Such a hassle.

Still, this kind of thing is necessary - as the years of gathering documents, music, videos, notes, and the like go on, without organisation I'm lost. Someday I'll probably write some awesome piece of software that hides this stuff in BLOBs in a database, that handles syncing it all, that exposes it when I need via FUSE, and that will make me tea in the morning (unless I can teach the cats to do that). Someday!

My home directory:
ls | wc -l

ls *.pdf | wc -l

ls *.gif *.png *.jpg | wc -l

du -sh
Sigh. Really will be nice to get all that sorted into /media/*


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