Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

With Half a Tower

From what I understand, UPitt is closed for part of today due to our suddenly unnavigable roads and heavy-duty snow. On the way to CMU this morning, I think I spotted another reason - the Cathedral of Learning appeared to be only half present. Other people might assume that the snowstorm is merely blocking its view, but I know better... Well, no, not really. I also thought it was cute that today's issue of README (CMU's joke newspaper) had snowflakes set as a backdrop, until eventually some fell off the paper.

Despite all the hooplah and online stuff (Livejournal, google, etc changing their backgrounds), I'm not really bitter about Valentine's day this year. I've recently been lifting my feet and letting time fly by really quickly without my paying much attention - subjectively, it will soon be summer and I'll be ready to be really awake again.

It looks like Citizendium has started. I don't think I'll get involved because they seem likely, by their FAQs, to use advertising, but it's interesting that their project is getting off the ground. Their content appears to be GFDL - I might login to Wikipedia one of these days to explicitly state that my contributions may also be used under GFDL in case they or any other similar project wants anything. A number of Wikipedians I spoke to about this ages ago were pretty sure Sanger didn't have the ability to actuallly start a project - it'll be interesting to see how far this goes.

I'm hoping to get another experiment soon - I'm pretty much done with all the analysis on this one and I've been getting kind of bored doing just programming/sysadmin stuff.

If anyone's amenable to skiing or snowboarding this weekend, please let me know - I haven't been out this season yet and would love to go to seven springs.


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