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Running Music

People! I'm interested in what kinds of music you listen to when running/otherwise exercise. Here's my current mix - my playlists don't really have an order (I kind of like not knowing what's coming up next), and all of them have:

  • A reasonably audible, consistent, and fast beat
  • Invokes a mood that encourages me not to stop exercising
  • Sounds/variety pleasing to my ears
The mix:
  • and_one-panzer_mensch.mp3
  • aneela-chori_chori.mp3
  • avi_toledano-hora.mp3
  • bad_religion-beyond_electric_dreams.mp3
  • cesium_137-atrophy.mp3
  • danny_elfman-beetlejuice.ogg
  • dean_gray-dr_who_on_holiday.mp3
  • flogging_molly-devil_s_dance_floor.ogg
  • gnarls_barkley-crazy.ogg
  • gogol_bordello-wonderlist_king.mp3
  • jamiroquai-canned_heat.ogg
  • openbsd-systemmagic.ogg
  • optimus_rhyme_and_mc_frontalot-ping_pong_song.ogg
  • panorama_jazz_band-one_of_these_days.ogg
  • pet_shop_boys-i_m_with_stupid.mp3
  • plaid_tongued_devils-russian_history_xxx.ogg
  • prinzen-alles_nur_geklaut.mp3
  • prinzen-deutschland.mp3
  • prinzen-schwein_sein.mp3
  • protomen-light_up_the_night.mp3
  • run_lola_run-running_one.mp3
  • run_lola_run-running_three.mp3
  • run_lola_run-running_two.mp3
  • sam_and_max-juergen_disco.ogg
  • smash_brothers_brawl-tetris_b_type_music.mp3
  • tmbg-rhythm_section_want_ad.ogg
  • venga_boys-boom_boom_boom.mp3
  • venga_boys-we_like_to_party.mp3
  • wall_of_voodoo-mexican_radio.mp3
  • wolfshein-once_in_a_lifetime.mp3

If you like, post your own lists.



i counted them once; there are 100 of them.
I can't claim credit for "Run Lola Run" - was someone else's idea.

That "Antenna" cover is delightfully weird!
It's funny, I just have an ipod full of 700-800 songs I like, and set it on shuffle. If the song that comes up isn't exercise-appropriate, I skip it. Hard rock is especially good for a heavy lift, acoustic folk for stretching. Note that exercise usually means lifting, these days, and to prematurely "stop exercising" is not really an option.