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One little point I was going to mention in my last post that didn't make it in - it does not excuse a source that's supposed to be relatively unpositioned on major issues of political contention in a society that its position is not one that lines up along party lines. Our politics are not entirely encapsulated in our party system - there are factions within the larger parties, and there are also smaller parties. Serious journalism should institutionally not step outside of broad societal consensus (either inward towards a specific perspective nor outward) - it is a feature of its society that legitimately shifts with that society's evolution but at the rate and encompassing the borders of society itself.

The notion of left versus right is manipulative and harmful (even two axes are not enough!). To pretend that "fairness" between only two parties can substitute for the broad view journalism should aspire to is to effectively give up on it in its current role.

Unrelated, I thought these comics were neat:

Also, during the visit, we went to Enrico's (cousin place to T'd'O) restaurant in the strip district for the first time; the food was fantastic.

I'll probably put up some of the few pictures I took at the rally in a few days.