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  • Vorteil: Discovered that 「Patrick Jumpen」 (from whose instructional videos I've been trying to learn Jumpstyle dancing) has some very nice mixtapes, many of which are also nice for jogging.
  • Nachteil: A few weeks ago I cut my left pointer finger on a breadknife - very unpleasant, particularly because being a lefty-leaning ambidextrous person means I really need that finger. I normally heal very quckly, but not so much on bendy surfaces. It finally healed, and then today I managed to do the exact same thing to it with the exact same breadknife. Gah.
  • Cute: I was just practicing accordion for a bit, and my smaller cat was walking around on her hind legs (mostly unsupported) trying to see into the accordion case (on a chair). I doubt she could run like that, but it's cute when cats make a go at being bipedal.
  • Langweil: 1.5T external drive came in today, finally giving me enough space to have all my data from all my systems in one place. Unfortunately, transferring said data is kinda boring and slow. I think I have a lot of sorting out of backups to do once this is done - multiple backups of my home directory from different eras may be neat from a historical perspective, but I really don't need it. I might upgrade my laptop and/or TV-PC to Fedora14 tonight if the backup finishes before I get too tired.

Recently I've grown interested in writing poetry.


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