Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Hardware failure tale of woe (OCZ Agility 250G disk):

I mentioned that my OCZ Agility 250G was having one-bit errors, and I ordered a 1.5T USB HD to do the backup. Last friday, I merged my general media directories into a single place for the first time in many years, wrapping up the last bits at Te Cafe. Plan was to bike home, finish the backup, and do the destructive firmware upgrade for the SSD in the hope of making it happy again.

That didn't turn out working out. After an uneventful bike home, my laptop failed to boot. No disk. Gah. After many boot attempts with no disk found whatsoever, I pulled open the case, swapped in another disk to see if the BIOS found it (yet), swapped the SSD back in (may as well have plugged in a potato). I've spent much of the weekend sadly plugging and unplugging that disk in (now in a spare USB enclosure I have). Fail. Even more fail: It's been a long time since I had a good backup of my home directory or databases. *facepalm*

So... I may have to send the drive somewhere for data recovery, and hope that all this stuff about SSDs being easier to recover than spinning disks is actually true. Current plan: See if OCZ will be good enough to do it for me and honour my warranty at the same time. Failing that, it will go to Gillware alongside another disk that they could copy everything to, and then back to OCZ?

I really hope my data is not toast. If it is, I've lost a good bit of stuff for work too, alongside poetry, recipes, and many personal projects, sketches, etc.

Update: Friendly OCZ support person suggested going with a different data recovery company. So I shall. Also, I think it will be weird biking around sans laptop until this is fixed. I feel more than a bit diminished.


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