Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Crumpet Party

Yeah a bit of politics.

  • I like how recent American political winds have led us a bit closer to banning of congressional earmarks. As Lessig notes, this is not necessarily a democratic or republican idea (both opposition and support seem to be split across the parties), but it's a matter on which Obama and "Tea Party" folk generally agree - it's interesting that it might finally have a shot at happening.
  • S.3804 would create a mechanism which would allow the government to block access to websites believed connected to copyright infringement. If you care about such things, write to your legislators.
  • Murkowski's having been elected(?) despite losing a party primary is both interesting in itself and with interesting ramifications (she has lost republican leadership roles for having gone against the party). Worth noting: she's not really a moderate (also, she likes earmarks!), she was just running against someone much more conservative yet.

Badly missing my homedir. Finally mailed the SSD off today.


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