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I am coming to really appreciate having good kitchen tools - seems I'm cooking more for myself these days. Some of this is a happier attitude, some is good advice, and some is outgrowing of my prior excessively narrow interests. I'm coming to particularly enjoy joghurt as an ingredient - versatile! Also, it is so ridiculously easy to make tasty things with okra that I am coming to see it as cheating. Next on the big list of experiments to have is grilled mushrooms. Today's luch is a rice-tomato-okra-mushroom-celery-paneer stew, with a good amount of cumin, pepper, joghurt, and chili, served with milkshake. Yum!

Recent: conversation on typing. According to informal testing at TypeOnline, K and I type at roughly the same speed (~90wpm). She's a touch typist who types properly, and I'm a touch typist who types a bit differently. My typing has the left hand hovering near where the left home-row typists type (sometimes between that row and the row above) but with the right hand hovering mostly over the punctuation keys on the right (my right pinky is always above either the enter key or the right shift). Either thumb can hit space, but I never use the left shift and the base of my right pinky is always above the right control key (which I've remapped as another overlay letting me type alternate letterforms like interrobangs and japanese quotes). (the conversation started with why I use underscores fairly frequently in filenames - my right middle finger rests on that key so it's a no-motion combination for me). My left hand moves around a lot while I type while my right hand remains still; the dividing line is roughly UJN, where U and J will always be hit with my right hand and N will be shared between my hands (I hit space slightly more with my left thumb than my right). I don't think I ever consciously designed the way I type, but it lets me type acceptably quickly. It might work particularly well when programming - I started programming at a very young age (not long after starting with computers), and having slightly faster access to symbols than homerow typists might do me well?

I cannot effectively type on many forms of alternate keyboards because they're split in the wrong place for my typing style. Fortunately, most of those keyboards never really caught on (apart from the Microsoft Melted Keyboard), and I'm enough of a keyboard snob to make sure I have a One True Keyboard (or acceptable cousin) anyplace I'm likely to be typing often.

Recently learned how to set up ssh for reverse tunnelling, which is really useful! While learning about that I also discovered that ssh can setup Layer3 tunnels between nodes, which is highly sexy! (will have to experiment with that later)

On Wikis:

  • I am very bothered to see paid wikipedia editing offered to companies. In the past, this kind of activity merited a permanent ban - I hope that's still policy. Wikipedia editing should be restricted to those with an interest in producing encyclopedic content on encyclopedic topics. It is not a PR engine - it is rare that encyclopedic and "image management" interests could collide, and when people are not kept at least focused on what makes a good article (by the standards above), collaboration becomes impossible.
  • Skimmed a neat essaylet proposing a WikiArguments project to reform politics
  • Really irritated to keep reading the bogus claims that Jimbo Wales is *the* founder of Wikipedia. Also irritated to read that he's being treated as some kind of a wise authority. First, Sanger deserves more credit, Second, neither of them deserve a lot of credit, and Third, Wikipedia's success is more in spite of Jimbo than because of him. He's not a bad guy, but it would not be hard to find a better leader.


  • Some minor points by Pope Ratzinger on when condom use may be acceptable-though-a-lesser-solution seem to be being amplified beyond their intent. Still, it's an important step to get from blanket hard disapproval to nuanced disapproval that still may permit.
  • I am thinking of beginning to swim regularly. CMU's pool will do.
  • Life has been found deep in our planet's crust. Neat!
  • It is very pretty outside. Trying to decide between jogging, biking, heading down to the Southside, and many other options!

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