Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Tourniquet Release

Upside: A+ Computer replaced enough of the SSD controller to get my data back (entirely). They'll be mailing me an external HD with everything. This is a huge relief, not only because I won't've lost all my creative endeavours, but because important things for work are on there and I've been kind of helpless over the last few weeks on impending projects. Also, it'll be nice to scrape together the bits of my unix environment that I've enhanced since then.

Downside: Bill will run to about $700, which is about half the price of a decent laptop. This is a very harsh reminder that I should've been taking backups much more frequently. Why didn't I? I got lazy.

This is the second time I've dealt with a data recovery company. $700 is not a terrible price to pay for what I lost. The last time was in a prior workplace (cost about the same).

After I get the drive back, I'll have the joy of returning it to OCZ and hopefully getting a replacement reasonably quickly.

Moral of the story: Either keep your data on a system where somebody else is handling backups (or things are distributed in a way that backups are not needed) or take frequent backups of everything important to you.


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