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I swear, South Korea is really asking for it, to the extent that I'll almost cheer if North Korea kicks the crap out of them (I probably would cheer, except that nations are composed of people and a lot of innocent-ish people will likely be hurt). Not content that North Korea has only responded to their continued provocation of live-fire military drills in disputed waters with very loud grumbling, South Korea is pushing even further by planning new, even larger drills tomorrow. Fuck you, South Korea. Die in a fire. You clearly don't care about peace, sanity, or your citizens that will suffer from whatever this may provoke. Western media, I have little doubt, will mostly ignore your provocations and paint the response as out-of-the-blue, either out of a misguided notion that conflicts have a good guy and a bad guy, or because North Korea's leadership and governance suck, but history will (or at least should) consider you to be at fault.

At least it's nice to see so-sad-its-funny politics in the US eclipsed by foreign versions of the same.

I'm pleasantly surprised at the last-minute arrangements by this congress - the tax compromise notwithstanding, a lot of good legislation squeaked through at the last minute, and much of it is good politics for Democrats too, at least in attracting moderates. This is kind of an evening candle, given that the new congress begins next year, and that we now have a number of people with loose grasps on civics, science, and sometimes reality coming in as well as census-based redistricting that will make politics more interesting.

Today: had a very boring stay at the bank talking to a financial advisor. Actually, some part of me loved it - a part that sees investment of money as being like playing Sid Meier's Civilisation, and maybe another little part that sees having a good conversation with a stranger as being fun (feels weird to have part of his life story, but sharing these is part of social ties).

Current books:

  • Ethics of Ambiguity
  • Wael Hallaqの「Sharia: Teory, Practice, Transformations」
  • Sweet Reason
  • Sartreの「Critique of Dialectical Reason」
  • Max Barryの「Company」
I need to get better at using spare time. I don't mind socialising, but when I'm not socialising I sometimes have trouble actually doing things that I really want to do only when they're not possible. My sketchbook/drawing tablet/books/coding projects/hardware projects are things I frequently want to spend time with while doing work or while away from them, but when they're proximate I sometimes just take naps or walks or do anything but use them. I'm trying to figure out what this means - once I get started on these activities, I'm very happy to keep doing them.

I also want to find out if it's possible to modify the compose key mappings on Linux, or if I need to map things under the Mode_switch key.

I find Schlomi Fishの「Programs every Programmer has Written」 to be cute. It doesn't claim actual accuracy, but let's see how I measure up:

  • I have written many "Hello World"s.
  • I have never written a Scheme interpreter (although I did some similar things)
  • I have written a templating system and a HTML preprocessor (separate projects)
  • I have written a database abstraction layer.
  • I have written an IRC bot
  • I have written interpreters for some toy languages I invented, ages ago.
  • And an ad-hoc CMS (my wiki/blog software counts)
  • I have never written anything to calculate Pi
  • I have written a prime-number generator
  • And an ad-hoc build system
  • Never anything to do with fractals, I don't think? Some of the Hopfield stuff I did in undergrad is kind of near this though.
  • I have written simulators for Life and other things.

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