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Yesterday: Bought my first road bike. Enjoying it. Also finding that I really don't mind wearing a bike helmet now that I have a comfortable one. Today I put it through some mild stress - tomorrow I may give it more of a workout.

Today: Sketches, picked up wine for New Year's, got ingredients for more baking, spent a bit of time playing DOFUS.

Justiciability is a neat concept.

Now that I know about First Night, there's a good chance I'll be spending a good part of NYE evening wandering around downtown doing cultural things. This presumes that no better options open up - if anyone is doing anything else and wants me along, let me know.

I'm planning to replace my couch sometime soon - ideally something not terribly expensive (reasonable chance I'll be moving sometime around summer unless I make an active effort not to, as my job will be disappearing), very comfortable, and in reasonable condition. If anyone's getting rid of a used couch that meets the mark, ping me. I think I also want beanbags and other comfy things.

I've been thinking about how to summarise the year, and if I want to do anything else special for the turn-of-the-year posts. New Year's is pretty arbitrary (I think the Solstice would be a better time for years to begin/end - at least it's based on something real), but commemorating the turn of calendar is something I've done for years.


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