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Simplicity of Music

Self-awareness when listening to music can sometimes be disruptive. I was listening to Firewater's 「Three-legged Dog」 a few months ago and was inspired to try to sing it. This made me realise that it's musically very repetitive, with the only variation being what voices are in any given iteration of the main verse. Unfortunately, this makes me like it less (although it's not nearly as bad as The Worst Song in the World: 「Knockin' on Heaven's Door」).

I don't think my cooling to the song is due to snobbishness - unlike liking, say, Hanson's music, there's nothing really embarassing about liking the song. It's that once I noticed the repetitive nature of the song it's hard to un-notice it.

I wonder how often this happens in other aspects of life - if we ever really notice how boring a work routine is, some quirk of a friend or co-worker, etc, it changes things forever because we can't un-see that. It might sometimes be useful; we may be forced by such situations to throughly address issues in a healthier way that we had ever before.