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Two pictures, with details:

This is my Neuros OSD shortly after I figured out how to update the kernel. The OSD's hardware is interesting -- I eventually found my 1G Microdrive, and will try using it to record some video soon - while at the moment it's not that great at playing random video tossed at it, I suspect it'll be good at playing anything it makes. In order to do any real hacking on it, in the short term I'll need to find a null-modem adapter (I never thought I'd need one again so I gave all my old ones away long ago). Later on, once I figure out why USBHID isn't working and get a USB keyboard of some kind, I probably won't need to worry about that for most casual hacking. I theoretically want to tell the thing to ignore its own root filesystem and act diskless (setting up NFS) if I want to do any quick-ish testing of changes anyhow, although some people have also whipped up a virtual environment to test systems stuff too. It looks like there are a bunch of bright systems people from the open source community working on the OSD. If I had a dozen units, I would be interested to hand them out to select CMU CSCluster folk and try to get them enthused as well - this would both get some more bright folk onboard and give inexperienced-but-clever folk a chance to rub shoulders with experienced-and-clever folk. For businesses that rely on close ties with the opensource community to make products, I suspect that having close ties to CS geek communities in universities would be a good thing.

This, a cat-in-the-box, is a Kingdom of Loathing in-joke.


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