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Seeking advice on feeds

Hello everyone,

For the last long while, I've used LJ as my RSS/Atom aggregator. It'd be nice to move to a dedicated piece of software. Is there anything y'all particularly like for reading feeds?

(An alternative would be for me to write something of my own, probably web-based. I like the idea, but it'd be a reasonably big project to do it well)


I put everything in Google Reader, then read with Newsrob on my phone, or I sometimes read with Chromium either directly on the website (with some Chromium extensions) or with Feedly.
Good phone support would be a big plus. I currently don't try to read feeds on my phone, but a good client could change that.

If only it were reasonable to share code between Android apps and other apps, this would be neat to do as "my first big android project".
I do the vast majority of my feed reading on my phone, so Newsrob is definitely good enough for me.

Relevant Chrome Extensions:
Google Reader Compact
Reader Plus
RSS Subscription Extension
I just use the Google Reader app on my phone. What makes Newsrob better? (Or do you have an iPhone?)
I'm on Android. A native app can do a lot of things much more conveniently than a web interface can. I don't like web functionality getting in the way of something that doesn't need it. I also don't like dealing with little tiny links in web interfaces when I can have finger-sized buttons in a native app. Occasionally I go to the mobile Reader site, then get frustrated at everything that it's missing.

Give newsrob a try -- there's a free version available.
Oh yeah, I used to use the web interface. Boy did that suck. I was forever pressing "like" or "share" accidentally. There's an app version of Google Reader now, though, and I'm using that.
Ah yes, I think I tried that too, but still liked newsrob better. Don't remember why though.
Maybe your name? ^_^
i don't fully grasp the implications, but i would be sad if your posts disappeared from livejournal.
Oh, no that's not a concern. My posts are already not native to LJ — they're automatically crossposted here (via perl's LJ::Simple module) by my blog software. Only the rare posts that are locked to a group ever go through the main LJ interface. If I took the time, I could probably code up a bridge to cross-post things to blogspot and other blogging services too.

I'm just asking what people use to read RSS/Atom feeds when they use standalone readers.
ah, ok. i knew they weren't native; was wondering if the change would make them disappear entirely. :)

no opinions here on feed readers, or on reed feeders.