Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Neuros OSD, Part 2

I just had the time to play a bit more with the OSD. While it's not great at playing random videos I have (mplayer has set thebar quite high), and its remote control seems unreliable (maybe the batteries that came with it are bad, or perhaps the input device isn't getting enough love from the kernel), it's actually very good at recording videos into mpegs. It also does an admirable job at ignoring the no-copy bit that most of my videocasettes have, so unlike the VCR/DVD-R that I bought for that purpose, it'll help me take everything digital. I guess in retrospect, buying that VCR was a waste of money.

Right now, I'm recording the Dr Who episode "Survival", and am amused at how ridiculous cheetah-people (resembling furries a bit) look riding on horses. It reminds me a bit of why in DnD Centaurs should never be paladins - they would look really funny riding on a horse (or really any other kind of mount).

Ordered: USB adapter, null modem adapter, etc for Neuros OSD. I'm looking forward to hacking this thing. w00t!


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