Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Sauna Within

On the way home, I had a wonderful dream of an endless stream of zeros streaming by, like a zipper, with a raised occasional notch as a one. This was very peaceful.

I find it amusing that my body made it home without waking me until the very end, over the distance involved and the freezing weather. I find it amusing that I managed to walk the entire way without recording any memories of the experience, instead indulging in a dream. These statements are in a sense equivalent, but the identification of self is different in each one - in the first one alienates the part of one's self that managed the details of going home from one's identity, while in the latter one identifies with the whole of one's being. This is a significant differece in how one chooses to see oneself and the world - it's easy to flatter oneself unduly by externalising parts of the self.

(section not shown)

Tonight was beta-testing for a puzzle hunt. It was fun. I stayed a bit too late to take any kind of transit back, hence the aforementioned walking. Stretching the mind is generally fun. Unfortunately, for most of today I've been kind of tired.

Last thing I'll note before I go to bed, on reading a random blog post by a random person I've never read before -- I find it really unfortunate when people decide that cultures own things and that others need to respect cultural individuality and not adopt things they like from other cultures. In this case, the person stated that they think rap music is black culture and should be kept that way, posing its spread beyond that as invading one of the few things mainstream society likes and accepts from that subculture. This stirred a large discussion, from people who deconstruct race ("there are no races"), people who deconstruct culture ("There's no such thing as culture" or "There's no such thing as society") to the people who called her Hitler-like (and thus, as per Godwin's law, immediately lost he discussion). The idea that cultures can "own" ideas is almost as irritating to me as notions of Intellectual Property of individuals - culture isn't like that and to try to make it so is to cut off something fundamental to how it works. Cultures are constantly churning, with their very identity constantly in flux - even if we say that given cultures and subcultures are sometimes useful abstractions, even moreso than a cloud their borders are fuzzy at any given moment and potentially radically shifting between decades.


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