Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bridge over Sandworms

Laoptop issues mostly resolved:So, as I mentioned before, my laptop has two video "cards", an onboard Intel graphics (handled by the i915 driver) and an ATI thing.

Both of them are very very new (a few months old), and Fedora 14's drivers (as fresh as they are) were not current enough to run either card; letting either driver load just provided a blank screen. I was excited to hear about the latest beta proprietary drivers support the ATI card, but rpmfusion hasn't packaged them yet for Fedora, and the binary packages tend to be pretty intrusive (and hard to remove).

Today I looked into a newer i915 driver, and apparently the very latest releases of the opensource intel drivers can handle the lesser video card on my system. So... I backed up my system and went down a path that I've trod before whenever absolutely necessary: Making a frankendistro between pieces of my current Fedora release (now F14), the next few releases (F15 and F16) that are not close to being released, and rawhide (the rolling dev tree). Namely, I went to Koji to piece together the components I needed. Newer kernel, many newer bits of Xorg, newer ALSA (for the kernel), newer udev (for creepy Xorg stuff), and some other components.

After a lot of sshing in from another machine to test configurations and permutations of packages, I finally have my laptop running in its native res of 1920x1080 (and the Intel driver is at least slightly accelerated, so no more painful VESA operations for me).

There's a lot of other stuff going on, personal and otherwise, but that's for some other time. Taxes await!


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