Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Carnez Val

Carnival has begun. So far, this means at least a few little bits of good conversation with people from out of town (or who are other not-very-social sorts), eating some unhealthy food, and seeing booths. No party invites yet, but maybe it will happen!

Also, I have a Kindle. The display is so far pretty decent, and my habit of making PDFs of absolutely everything that catches my eye on the web (from an interesting LJ post to a scientific paper) gives me a nice body of things to copy onto it (I probably should not keep excessively personal things there, in case I ever loan it to others). The Kindle also works nicely as a mousepad for my laptop! The other thing I like about it is the power cord design; the data connector attaches to a small plug which handles wall-charging. This is a good way to do power cords.

Thinking about arguments made on a post a few days ago, also have a new post I'm working out that may be similarly interesting (although it's more of an uncomfortable question than statement of a position).

I like seeing people walking around reminiscing.


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