Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cover Yourself

  • Weird: Ednaswapのsong: 「Torn」 is best known by its cover by Natalie Imbruglia. I sometimes hear people talk about the Ednaswap versions as covers (which bugs me a bit, particularly as the Ednaswap versions are more musically interesting)
  • Weirder: Jonathan Coulton has released a cover of his own song, 「Still Alive」, as the "official" version is sung by someone else. I'm not sure which I like more.

Troll vs Troll: PZ Myers vs Scott Adams. (Really, they're not John Grubor or Jason Scott level trolls, just terribly intereresting people who are marginal). On this topic, I agree with PZ; I've seen Adams pretend some of his opinions were jokes before, when they got too much negative attention.

Currently interesting spots in the world:

  • Syria, where the wave of uprisings has been very badly managed by Assad, but where the military is strong enough that an uprising is unlikely to remove him. He has been pushed to lift emergency rule RealSoonNow™, and it might actually happen
  • Egypt, where a democracy is being forged. It's interesting to see Al-Ahram reporting on this, as they used to be a mouthpiece of the government
Also, I spotted a town near Philadelphia that would be a terrible place to put a data centre: Lansdowne. Contrast this to the best place in PA for that: Leetsdale! (oddly, the median income in Lansdowne is much much higher)

There's a film called 「The First Grader」 that I'd like to see soon.


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