Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


As those of you who are reading my blog know, I'm moving to Philadelphia soon, and my job at CMU ends at the end of June. I will likely do a small amount of remote work for CMU that will provide a tiny income after that, but that won't pay the rent there. It's not urgent, but I don't like negative cashflow, so...

If any of you know of any openings for someone who can do:

  • Sysadmin-type things (network administration too; I know my way around IOS, VLANs/VPNs, and simplar)
  • Systems Programmer-type things (I can do some kernel hackery if needed)
  • DBA-type things (many dialects, including Oracle)
  • User-training - I can write documentation and train people
  • Psychology research (neuroimaging, experimental design/conduct/analysis)
  • Bioinformatics programming
Send them my way. I'd be happy to do this kind of work remotely or in Philadelphia. I really like academic environments, am self-directed, can handle underlings, and like flexible hours and self-defined roles. I bring with me over a decade of work experience and a lot of really great tools.

A more proper (and mostly-current) resume is available here.


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