Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Waking Up To Mysteries

Last night, because I've been watching some Dr Who episodes on tape recently, I had appropriately themed dreams. The theming was light though -- what interested me is that the possibilities for motion were larger than life, as with most of my dreams. In this, if I were sitting down with my legs straight ahead, getting into the right frame of mind would let me scoot forward over what I was sitting on without moving and with no friction. In other dreams, I can curl up into a ball in the air and fly, or sometimes swim through the air. Very occasionally I have dreams where I can teleport or create wormholes. It's very rare that I have dreams where I am bound by normal rules of motion - without getting into some Jungian analysis (or maybe with, I don't really mind), I wonder why this is such a consistent theme in my dreams.

While eating breakfast at Rolladin with a friend, I picked up a Lubavitch newsletter that looked interesting. Like with all random literature that catches my eye for a moment, I've been reading bits of it on the bus and while walking. One of the sections talks about the purpose of the Revelation on Mt Sinai - that prayer and torah study bring people to a certain level of spirituality that is then used as a base for achieving higher levels through making one's life holy through following mitzvot. The thing I don't understand is that at one point of that section, it implies that the ancient Hebrews were studying Torah before that revelation -- I don't know if I'm just misreading that, or if it's meant to suggest a pre-Pentateuch Torah of some kind. Very brief diggings into the topic suggest that there are a few flavours of Judaism that don't believe that quite the entire Torah to be of Mosaic origin, but most flavours do.

It looks like today shall not be quite as awesome as I had hoped. Oh well.

Tags: dreams

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