Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cablegate revisited

Remember Cablegate? Materials have been trickling out for about half a year now, but it's largely faded into the background. I understand that it's hard to clean/evaluate that many documents, but were it easier I think it would've been better to commit to a much faster pace of document release; too many things happen in the world for even a very big thing to remain in the public eye for very long. Cablegate had a role to play in opening a few scandals (and remains interesting as a topic to track in news), but at this point it's background noise. It's a pity that cablegate preceded the 「Arab Spring」 events; had it happened afterwards (ignoring that it helped spark it), we would've seen international politics in an age of interesting uncertainty.

Interesting recent creation: Living lasers!


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