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Run, Do Not Walk

Until recently I was under the mistaken impression that I had already read 「The Man Who Was Thursday」. Now I've started on it, and it is one of the best things I've ever read. It reminds me of Turganev's 「Fathers and Sons」. Soon I'll have to get around to reading most of the works of Chesterton (and Shaw, while I'm at it). It's a bonus that these are generally available as high-quality PDFs.

In my smaller job in CMU/Psych, today I swung by to start the process of configuring some Cisco NAS devices that will be replacing a large SCSI RAID we're outgrowing (6 Terabytes is not nearly enough). For about $4k for a turnkey solution, it's not bad; it's essentially a grown-up version of the shuttle boxes I put together as backup systems. Good management system, nice hardware, the only thing I don't like is they shipped it with bloody "Green Drives".

I'm increasingly irritated at Scott Adams; he's been saying a number of stupid things about gender recently. Really, they're more half-stupid; he's neither a woman nor has he really made efforts to understand them, so he much-exaggerates the differences between the male and female notions of human nature. He uses this as a basis to suggest that the burdens of civilisation fall squarely against male-human-nature and for female-human-nature. I think this is wrong; our entire species evolved in a different social and natural environment, and civilisation is hard, but training every human to be civilised while retaining their ability to be emotionally at-ease is a natural duty and tension no matter the gender. Polyamory and infidelity, or monogamy, or any of the other arrangements people might take, these are not particular to one gender (some women and men want a lot of sex, some don't. Some want a monogamous life, some want a polyamorous life, and some will be honest about what they want and some won't. None of this is gender-specific). I know what I want, and I know it's not what every male wants. Maybe Adams has not heard enough variety in thoughts on these matters from people around him. Maybe he reminds me of Wheatley.

Getting a few more nibbles on the job-fishing-lines I've sent out. I keep wondering if contracting might be a better way to go; right now I really want flexibility in my work arrangements, and jobs that would let me live anywhere and move anywhere would be fantastic. Maybe. Except benefits would be nice, and exclusive contract work sounds like a lot of paperwork. I don't know. I have the skills for it, and most of the time I've overheard people in coffeeshops meeting with clients, the consultants have been full of shit; that irritates me. I'm being kind of indecisive about this job thing, and that's a bit stressful. Maybe part of it is being separated from my cats and trying to finish the endless projects I have going on in my job here. I've learned that the more essential I make myself at work, the harder it is to leave that position. Fortunately, the world has things like this to help me relax.

One more cool thing: the Akkadian language recently saw a translation dictionary completed by the University of Chicago. Bonus: it's downloadable!

(I have another topical post to write, but I'm still thinking about what to say)


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