Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Mr Lowry's Accountants

I feel as light as a thought and as heavy as a thought, as busy as a tree and as carefree as a tree.

This is my last full(ish) week in Pittsburgh. Which means I am very very busy at work, and trying to arrange reasonable goodbyes here. I am also emotionally weirded out, because I've grown to really love Pittsburgh (particularly SqHill), I'm not sure what's next, and I am missing out on the possibility of hanging out with a lot of really neat people that I didn't hang out enough with. Philadelphia doesn't have a CMU, and I am very slow to make new friends. Oh well, at least the logistics of jobstuff and movingstuff will soon be done (until I decide to move again, likely in 6 months to a year).

Here are some things that I meant to write about (or do terrible wordplay on) at some point but never did (closing tabs on workstation in my office as part of closing up shop):


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