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Office Chairs

This is my last day (for now) as fulltime academic staff at CMU. I've surrendered my buspass, and got a visit from facilities whom I asked last week to tell me what office chair I have. I am quite fond of my office chair; it does good things for my back (when we were moving from Wean to Gates, everyone had their choice between three very nice chairs) and has armrests just at the right height.

My currently ideal chair is some variety of the Herman-Miller Aeron, which unfortunately runs for about $1000. Sigh. Maybe I can find a used one.

Also, locked myself out of my office, for the first and last time in my 3 years in this job. Classy way to go.


  • I like Politifact. I'm amused to see one of the new entities they're factchecking though.
  • On the bus ride back to Pgh last night, I was feeling pretty lonely and sad about leaving Pgh, particularly to Philadelphia. I got some nice photos from the MegaBus though (see my Google+ stream). One of the things I didn't catch was a trailer park, lit with strung lights, with people hanging around just talking and being social. I felt an intense desire to be there, not that a trailer park is the kind of place I'd want to live, but ... heck, maybe it is? I really want some feeling of community and closeness with others (meaningful social contact), but achieving that has always been very difficult for me. The people in that trailer park seemed so social and happy, and things looked pretty festive.
(still thinking about topics for some larger posts that are in the works)


I might get an Aeron some day. I see they're on Ebay for 400-550.