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Frayed Knots

I've had pretty bad luck with Speakeasy (now Megapath) in Philadelphia. The service is pretty meh, frequently lagging or dropping the connection for 30s-3m whenever I watch videos on youtube. I suspected Speakeasy would no longer be a good carrier to go with after this merger because they stopped offering plans to regular customers, focusing on business customers. I think I'm technically a small business by their reckoning. They definitely lost their geek vibe and are talking corporate.

Unless they can fix it, I'll probably cancel service and go with some other carrier. Maybe I'll try Fiber (although I really really dislike Verizon)? I am wary of signing long-term contracts given that I'm not sure I'll be staying here (either in this apartment or in Philadelphia) past December, but I might have to do so and just break whatever contract is involved. Sigh.

As mixed my feelings on Google as a company are, I wish their fiber-for-communities project were already here in the area. Of course, that'd make me even more nervous about them as a company, but...


My experience with Speakeasy was that they are now terrible. I'll be curious how much trouble you have cancelling; I was on a year contract, and despite the year having been up, they made it INSANELY difficult for me to cancel. The guy claimed it was policy that they charge a cancellation fee even if you have already paid for the final installment, and that if you wait until after the final month ends, if you overshoot by even a day they will automatically renew you for another year. Based on that experience I would call them scammers and crooks.