Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Meaning of Democracy

Recently there have been fantastic discussions broadcast on Al Jazeera on the transition to government in Egypt. The need for a constitution underlying the democracy and the character of what is permitted are lively topics. One of the shows I've watched had a number of seculars and someone from the Muslim Brotherhood discussing these matters (mention was made of an emerging Salafi minotirty there as well); the MB focuses on the democratic side, the seculars stressed the importance of a constitution that was nonreligious, reforms to family code and laws that established full formal equality between women and men, christians and muslims. What is the legitimate scope of democracy? How do the first years of a democracy shape the later ones?

I've talked enough about my answers to these questions on here recently. It's interesting to see open discussion of these matters in a way where it might might be an open contest soon.

Tags: politics

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