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I recently downloaded and played Alice: Madness Returns.

I never played the original game, but have heard good things about it. I suspected I would like this game because it looked like a creepy, weird exploration of Lewis Carroll's original story.

Initial impression: The camera is hard to control, the controls are sloppy and awkward, but the world is rich in atmosphere. Gameplay is (so far) fairly linear; there's a straight path on which the player is constrained, with a few little diversions that people can take.

I'm enjoying the story and imagery, but am bored with the game. Hopefully things will get better as I progress.

Grab bag:

  • A Pastafari managed to convince Austrian authorities to let him have his photo taken wearing a sieve on his head, going against general rules against it but using a religious exemption. I think this pokes at one of the problems with allowing people with religiously-inspired preferences an exemption to general laws.
  • Herman Cain, Republican candidate for president, says communities in the United States should be able to ban mosques. His reasoning is that the seperation of church and state, as a principle, only functions when religions do not attempt to control the state. He asserts that Islam necessarily attempts to do the latter. It's an interesting (but terribly ill-informed) argument; asserting that all of Islam (or any other very large, very diverse, very old) religion is on a quest to entirely impose a particular form of government is incorrect. Also, I am uncertain whether he might be comfortable applying similar constraints to Christianity. Maybe I'm thinking more about his positions than he is.
  • I am intrigued at the idea of secular Quakers. (Intellectually intrigued; I am not particularly inclined to join them)
  • Whoops! Michele Bachmann's former church has some people who are more out there than she is. She recently left her church because her pastor mentioned a belief that the institution of the papacy is the anti-christ. Not being christian, I don't believe in a christ or an anti-christ, but it seems a bit unusual to me to equate an office with a particular figure of myth. It feels as much of a type-mismatch as, say, deciding the institute of the First Minister of the Scottish Parliament to be Zeus. (I am sure Alex Salmond would be most amused)
  • Symphony of Science keeps releasing good stuff.
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