Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


It's been great to see the footage from weddings recently permitted in NYC. Hopefully we'll eventually see a federal mandate permitting same-sex weddings across our entire nation.

Like I did for the Unabomber, I spent some time reading Breivik's manifesto (he's the guy who killed a very large number of people in Norway). Some parts of the work are lucid (but come from a perspective I find despicable), other parts are confused (e.g. that multiculturalism and political correctness are marxist ideas and have an intent to install Islam in Europe); there's that mark of a juvenile political philosophy --- that all the foes of one's ideals are part of one big glob of "evil" rather than numerous rivals to be dealt with separatehy. There's also that romanticised past (that we just have to get back to somehow) that marks it as a backwards-looking-perspective.. Some of this is a consequence of the general European failure to deal effectively with the consequences of its immigration policy (which interacts very badly with some liberal-democratic norms), some of it the rate of social change leaving a few people inculturated with values that profoundly alienate them from society. A certain level of dangerous/crazy people is to be expected, but they are easier to catch and likely smaller in number when these are not concerns.


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